Reflection Exercise

Please post your response of approximately 450 words (or 1.5 double spaced pages) to the following prompt:

Choose one data or social media tool (app, service) that you use or have you used in the past to inform your sense of self or to shape your identity. How has the use of this tool shaped you in one particular aspect? Did the use of this tool produce the desired result that you were expecting or did it surprise you in the influence that it had on you? In what ways?
As is the case for all Reflection Exercise assignments, we are not interested in and do not encourage you to share any information you would not want us to know. Rather, please take this question as an invitation to reflect on the ways in which your sense of self might be bound up and shaped by data and data analytics.

The main criteria for receiving a 10/10 on the Reflection Exercise are:

Responds to all parts of the prompt
Reflects personal experience/identity/positionality in some form