Your second paper will be on It Is Not Reasonable toBelieve that Only One Religion is True by Peter Byrne, posted on blackboard inthe Course Work Folder. In this paper, you will identify and summarizewhat the author says about religious pluralism and confessionalism (you will lookat how he defines the character of pluralism, confessionalism as touting onetrue religion, naturalism in the theory of religion, and the problems withpluralism and confessionalism). After your summary, you will provide areflection-reaction (Do you find theauthors argument plausible? Why or why not? Do YOU think there is only onetrue religion? Why or why not?). Make it clear whether or not you find theargument persuasive. If so, what is so compelling about this argument? Why doyou think that the objections raised against this argument fail? If you do notfind the argument convincing, what do you find lacking in it? In your view, areany of the premises false or implausible? In each case, you must explain youranswers. This paper will be at least 900hundred words. Failure to meet the minimum page requirement will result infailure of the assignment! Studentsmay have a change to revise and resubmit this paper upon the permission orprompting of the professor. You mayuse MLA, Chicago or APA styles. Each paper should be typed, double-spaced, TimesNew Roman– size 12 font. Make sure you include page numbers. ALL INFORMATIONand CLAIMS MUST BE CITED and DOCUMENTED! Students should use in-textreferences, i.e. make references/citations throughout your writing assignment(even when referring to the assigned readings). Failure to provide in-textreference will also result in failure or deduction of points.