Religion: Judaism

Choose 1 prompt and write 750 words of writing:

Why is the Torah considered so sacred to Jewish tradition?
How many divine laws or mitzvot are there in the Torah?  Describe one mitzvah in detail (not mentioned by any other student).
Why is the Bar/Bat Mitvah still important as a Jewish rite of passage today? Cite at least two different sources?
How do the themes of exile, return, and diaspora operate throughout Jewish history and tradition? How have these themes been utilized by non-Jewish groups over time?
Demonstrate how the story of Exodus has been used within at least two historical movements around the world to symbolize social change and freedom. Why do you think this story is so adaptable?
Explain the importance of the covenant (berit) in Jewish tradition. How did this break radically from previous religious traditions? What does this have to do with the practice of circumcision?
How do the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform branches of Judaism differ today? How do practitioners of each view the Torah, observe halacha, and imagine Jewish identity?
Where does the name “Israel” come from? What does it literally mean? Cite your sources.
When did Passover occur this year? What forms of food and fellowship are associated with this event? Cite your sources. Describe two folk variations of the seder (different ways it is practiced today).
How can the Song of Songs passage above be read as an allegory for mankind’s loving relationship of God to Israel in Judaism?
What does “Zion” refer to in the biblical passages above? What significance does it hold geographically and politically?

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