Republican Party Strategy Memo

 Poli Sci Strategy Memo
Your memberof Congress has announced their retirement. You decide to run for the seat theywill leave open in 2022. The primary goal of this assignment is to explain howyou will present yourself to voters. Take into account your personal backgroundand personality, issue commitments, your relationship with your party, and themultiple stages of the election (primary and general). Consider what you canand cant realistically promise your constituents if you get to Washington.Keep in mind that your goal is to winrunning on an anti-vaccination platformin Massachusetts or the Green New Deal in Wyoming wont get you very far.
Here aresome of the questions you may tackle in your memo. I do not expect youto answer every single one. However, a description of your constituency and howyou plan to represent it will be a fundamental part of your memo.
        Whatconstituencies are present in your district? Which of them are crucial for youto win and which can you overlook? How are you going to win the support of thosecrucial constituencies? How can you minimize opposition and countermobilizationfrom rival constituencies?
        Howare you going to present yourself to your district? What aspects of yourbiography will you highlight, and which will you downplay? Why?
        Whatwill be your agenda if elected to Washington? What campaign promises are youwilling to make? What will you be able to achieve as a first-term member ofCongress?
        Whatis your relationship to your party? In other words, do you identify with themainstream of the party? Would you consider yourself to the right or left ofyour partys mainstream? Would you wish to work closely with your partysleadership (establishment) or challenge their power (anti-establishment)?
        Assumingthere is a competitive primary, how can you position yourself keeping bothprimary and general election voters in mind?
Your District- House ofRepresentatives-North Carolina District 5 (Republican)
The only information I will provide you is (a) thedistrict or state youre running in and (b) your party affiliation. The rest isup to you to fill in the blanks.
Studentsshould write with the goal of answering the questions above fully. I expectthat this will yield a memo at least five pages long. Citations, footnotes,appendices, graphics, etc. do not count toward the five-page minimum.
Studentsshould rely upon a variety of sourcesbooks, journalistic articles, primarysources (e.g., incumbents websites or district newsletters), data sources (e.g.,Census Factfinder) and peer-reviewed articlesto write their memo. TreatBallotpedia and Wikipedia like you would for any other writingassignmentconsult them as a good first step to get the lay of the land butverify the information they contain and cite their sources instead of them.
Allsources should be cited in-text and in the bibliography in a common format.Students may choose to use MLA, APA, APSA, Chicago, or another format they canapprove with me. I have no preference, so long as the same format is usedconsistently throughout the paper. I do not require a minimum number of outsidesources, but papers that use more of them are likely to be of a higher quality.
Theprospectus and both full drafts of the paper should be written in Times NewRoman, 12 point font, double spaced with 1 margins. Make sure there is noextra spacing between paragraphs. (In Microsoft Word, select the No Spacingoption in the Styles panel at the top of the page under the Home tab.)
Thestructure of your paper must adhere to the format below. Failure to followformat requirements will result in the loss of points.
        Header. Do not provide any header ortitle. Because you are submitting this paper through Sakai, your name,date, class name, or any other identifying information that typically goes infirst-page headers are unnecessary. Creative titles are not needed for thismemo.
        Body of the Memo. On the first page of thedocument, hit the Tab button once to indent and begin typing the text of thepaper on the first line. You may number your pages in a footer.
        References. After the body of your paper iscomplete, insert a page break and begin your references on a new page. Thisdoes not count toward your required page length. Sources should be formattedaccording to the directions above.





Thoughtful description and analysis of members behavior. Answers questions above without tangential or irrelevant information. Evidence from sources cited to defend claims made in the analysis.



Writing is organized and clearly conveys arguments. Typographical errors kept to a minimum.


Documentation of Sources

All source articles documented and listed on final page(s) of submission



Submission adheres to format described above.