Research Design, Method & Design Method Assignment

Research Problem 
Entrapuernship  and business and the rising impact of work turnover 

Problem Stated For topic

The problem to beaddressed is the generational shift in attitudes regarding the importance ofworking for oneself rather than working for someone else and how the pandemichas increased this shift in attitudes. Baby Boomers and Gen X had becomeaccustomed to going to work for at least 5 days a week to provide a living forones family and themselves, yet the young generations do not see the point inworking ones life away just to live an average life. Millennials began to takeinterest in working for themselves and developing small businesses, yet Gen Zhas taken the importance of working for oneself even further by starting smallbusinesses in high school or refusing to go to college because they desire towork on personal businesses. The pandemic further influenced this attitudeshift by providing many individuals with the time and funds to develop smallbusinesses because of quarantine and stimulus checks.