Research Paper Introduction

Please write the introduction section to your literature review paper. As you write your introduction, keep in mind what you have learned so far about conducting academic research. This section will introduce your topic by providing background information to your audience and stating the purpose of your paper.
This is where you also establish why your topic is important (a good place for statistics). For instance, if I am writing a paper about the affects of social media use on the mental health of adolescents, I may want to show a percentage from a credible source stating how many adolescents use social media and how many hours adolescents roughly spend on social media every day. I would do this to show that this media use is prevalent and warrants further investigation. For this section, do not go into summarizing your sources here. This section is simply meant to introduce the topic, give some background information (if needed),  and establish the purpose of the paper (to investigate your research question through a literature review). 
–Please submit this section with a title page and sources cited in APA