Research Question/Proposal Outline

Project Proposal 
Project title come up with a single sentence title that contains your health issue, target population, and what relationship between them you are proposing.
Research question from Assignment 4
Introduction/Background (150 200 words) This section provides a description of the basic facts and importance of the research area.  What is your research area (provide a comprehensive description); why should this topic be explored; what benefits will the target population receive from this study?
Literature Review (200 – 300 words) provide a summary of previous related research on the problem and their strengths/weaknesses and a justification for your research.  What is known/what has been done by others?  Why is your research necessary, i.e. what would you be adding to the current body of knowledge on the topic?  
Analysis of Research Findings (200 – 300 words): Research article review – You want to provide a summary of research articles that help you further narrowly define your research question.  For example, from the research question assignment the following RQ was used as an example: Why do American Indian/Alaska Native adults in the U.S. have higher rates of type II diabetes (2017-2018) compared to other races?  What research related to this RQ have you been able to find?  Based on those research studies, what area needs further investigation?  How would you more narrowly define your research question in light of what is known from these studies?  What is your revised (more narrowly defined) Research Question?
Conclusion (100 200 words) Summary paragraphs: Restate the problem, what is known about how the problem impacts your target population, how your revised research question adds unique information about the problem, and how your target population would benefit from your proposed study.
References/Bibliography use APA reference formatting style