Below you will find two discussion post. Please answer each post individually. 

(Discussion One) 
In Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation, we have another opportunity to learn about this source of negotiation insight. Unless you are a trained Secret Service agent (p. 17), most people lack the ability draw accurate conclusions from body language (p. 18). Potentially,  humans possess the capacity to plunge into emotional cognition by recognizing their own emotions, managing these emotions, motivating themselves to achieve a goal, recognizing emotions in others, and managing relationships with others (p. 19). Understanding nonverbal communication requires self-awareness. Select one of the five “prescriptions” from pp. 19-20 and comment on its practical value.(I choose prescription “look in the mirror”) . 

(Discussions Two) 

If I had to choose a prescription that I feel has practical value and can often be overlooked, it would be number 3, see the bigger picture. Oftentimes, we as people look at situations for what they are instead of what they could be. We sometimes do not put all the pieces of the puzzle together as we are trying to quickly solve the equation.

I have learned to take a step back when assessing situations. I have taught myself to think of all possible solutions that could be the answer before coming up with one solution. What comes to mind the most for me would be escape room games. When playing these games, you must figure out clues and look for problems that may be in your face but may also be hiding in plain sight. This is the whole concept of seeing the bigger picture and I think it has great practical value and should be used daily.

Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation. Wheeler, M. (2009).