Response Paper on Fiction

You have till Friday Oct. 8th to turn it in.
You can start working on it at any time.
Pick ONE story from the syllabus to write about.
Once you log on, there is nothing to do but paste your paper into the text box provided in Canvas.
I strongly recommend that you type or word process your paper as a separate document and then paste it into the text box provided in Canvas. (Save the document, just in case.)
Do not blow this off.
It is worth 70 points.
Pick one story from the syllabus and do the following:Response Papers (500-750 words, i.e. 2-3 pages):  you will write response papers in response to reading assignments.  Use your response papers to explore your opinions and ideas. Why did you pick this work? Your response papers should reflect careful thought and consideration of the themes raised in the readings. Why did you pick this story? Grading standards are somewhat more relaxed in response papers than in formal essays;  however, you should develop the habit of presenting your ideas in a coherent and mechanically correct fashion.
It is your response to the story – whatever it is you want to say about the story- analysis, critique, feelings, themes that touched you.  You can make an argument;  you can be more personal- or as creative as you want. It can be literary analysis or more personal comments.
Ask yourself, what is my favorite story? what story would it interest me to write about? You are free to write about what you want as long as you, in some way, address the story. You can say why you picked this story – you can write about your personal reactions, feelings.You can do a critique of the story – its style, its themes, the characters.
USE QUOTES to improve your writing by making it more specific and thus earn a better grade.

i want the story to be done on James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues” p. 529  Abcarian, Klotz, and Cohen, Literature: the Human Experience, Bedford/St. Martins, 2019. 13th edition.