Review some of the main topics covered address the following:

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Review some of the main topics covered address the following:

Identify the components of an information system using the five-component framework and provide a brief summary of each.
Explain Porter’s five forces model.
Management information systems incorporate software and hardware technologies to provide useful information for decision-making. Explain each of the following information systems and use at least one example in each to support your discussion:

A collaboration information system.
A database management system.
A content management system.
A knowledge management/expert system.
A customer relationship management system.
An enterprise resource planning system.
A social media information system.
A business intelligence/decision support system.
An enterprise information system.

Identify and discuss one technical and one human safeguard to protect against IS security threats.
There are several processes that can be used to develop information systems and applications such as SDLC and SCRUM (Agile Development). Provide a brief description of SDLC and SCRUM and then discuss at least one similarity and one difference between SDLC and SCRUM.
Sum it up by discussing the importance of MIS.

At least three pages long.

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