rhetorical analysis


The essay should be at least six paragraphs with
a recognizable introduction, body, and conclusion

The essay must include a summary of the author’s
work in the introduction

The essay must include a thesis that states the
effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the author’s logos, pathos, and ethos

The body of the essay must include at least one
paragraph for logos, pathos, and ethos as well as a paragraph for the overall
effectiveness of the author’s work

The essay must include at least one specific
example from the work – in the form of a word-for-word in-text citation – for
each body paragraph

The essay must include at least one outside
source (something not from the author’s work) of your choice

The essay must include a correct works cited

The essay will not discuss how you personally
feel about the topic or if the author is right or wrong about the topic, but it
will explore how the author constructed the work and if the rhetorical
strategies are effective



MLA format – Times New Roman, 12-point font is the ONLY acceptable

identification and pagination of the essay should be correct and extra
spaces should be removed from between paragraphs

essay should be titled something other than “Rhetorical Analysis” or the
title of the work you write about

essay should be written in paragraph form

essay should be relatively free of mechanical/technical, spelling,
grammar, and punctuation mistakes, and follow academic conventions for
discussing written works

The essay should be written in third person only –
except when directly quoting an author