Rough Draft of Research

This week you are continuing with your Research Paper.  You will be completing the rough draft of your paper.  Read the requirements for your rough draft carefully. There are specific components that you should make sure your rough draft contains.
What to Do
Submit a literature review of your chosen nutritional intervention. Include your understanding of the scholarly sources, how this intervention would best be implemented for a particular group/individual, and your works cited page which is called  “References” in APA.
Core Requirements for the Week 6 Rough Draft
Length: 4-5 Pages (excludes title page and citation log).  This is the body of your paper.
Thesis Statement (stated in the introduction, usually the last sentence, and developed in body paragraphs of the rough draft)
Focus on Organization and Readability of Work
Uses at least 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed, quality sources, one of which is a primary source
Correct Use APA Manual of Style. The 6th or 7th edition is OK.  Just follow one or the other edition throughout your paper.
Citation log which lists all your sources used in the rough draft along with the Critical Analysis of those Sources.  
You should be able to lay the foundation of your research paper down in this rough draft. Performance feedback will be provided by your instructor after grading is complete. It is critical that you use your rough draft’s performance feedback to better your research paper prior to the submission of your final draft next week.