Safe staffing- professional nursing issues

I have already started an introduction page, I would need the below assignment added on to the paper I have started. I would need the following instructions completed. Which is the body of the paper

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has identified important issues facing Nurses today: Safe Staffing, Home Health, Nursing Home Staffing, Health Reform, Safe Patient Handling and Mobility, Veterans Health Administration, to name a few. The ANA also actively writes and disseminates position statements on current issues and trends in nursing practice. These position statements are a “explanation, a justification or a recommendation for a course of action that reflects ANA’s stance regarding the concern (ANA, 2016). 
Visit the ANA’s Take Action site and the Official ANA Position Statements page
1. The components of the paper are spread throughout the semester, culminating in the final paper due in Week 13.
2. Choose one of the issues that are critical to the nursing profession today. Read about the issue at the ANA website and find other reliable advocacy and nursing issues sources. You may choose an issue not listed on the website, but this must be an issue related to professional nursing.
3. Building on your Introduction, the next section of your paper will discuss the background, significance, and scope of the issue. Complete Part 2 by composing a section on Background, Significance and Scope of the Problem, and Stakeholders. This section will:

Expand discussion of the issue using scholarly information literature to analyze the significance of the issue and the scope of the problem (4 sources minimum).
Identify a minimum of 3 stakeholders. Discuss the social, economic, political, and ethical considerations for each stakeholder and how they are impacted by the issue.

4. Formatting/Organization:

No more than 4 pages in length
Include in-text citations
Include headings, as appropriate
Add on to the Reference page