save a life by sara zarr

i need 6 paragraphs First Paragraph: Write a summary of the novel you have read. Include the title, the author, and the POV. (2-4 sentences)Second Paragraph: Discuss how the author characterizes the protagonist(s.) What kind of “person” is s/he? In other words, how does the writer make the character’s personality feel real, believable? What quotes from your novel support your impression of the main character? At what point in the story do you notice a dynamic change in the character? By the end of the novel, is the protagonist’s personality or outlook on life different? How? Did the author do a good job creating a complex, believable main character? (6 or more sentences)Third Paragraph: (You Choose!) In your third paragraph, please discuss either the antagonist (if it is a person) or any foil characters in the novel. Describe how this character’s personality or actions help reveal information about the protagonist? In other words, does this character pull out the best qualities of the main character? The worst qualities? Both? How does this character help drive the plot forward? Use text evidence to prove your thinking. (6 or more sentences)Fourth Paragraph: Here, write about one major conflict and one minor conflict in the novel: man vs. man, man vs. himself, man vs. society / the system / nature. Describe how the protagonist of the novel responds or reacts to these problems. What do these reactions tell you about the main character? Did you notice the author using any dramatic or situational irony within these conflicts? How do these conflicts help drive the storyline forward? Use quotes from the novel to prove your ideas. (6 or more sentences)Fifth Paragraph: This paragraph is dedicated to a climactic or pivotal moment in the novel and the moment in which the major conflict is resolved; in other words, write about the part of the plot where the action is at its peak, how the conflict is solved, then how the story ends (called the resolution.) How did the main character feel about the outcome of his or her situation? How did you feel about the resolution of the book? (6 or more sentences)Sixth Paragraph: Use this paragraph to write about the theme(s) you noticed in the novel. (There is usually more than one.) Also, explain what you feel is the message of the book. What was the author trying to communicate to you, the reader? Paraphrase or quote the novel to back up your opinions about the theme and message of the book. (6 or more sentences)