Scenario: You are a police officer who responded to a theft scene, during which

Scenario: You are a police officer who responded to a theft scene, during which time you located the suspect down the road. You found that the suspect broke into the Family Dollar store and stole over three hundred dollars in cigarettes and other miscellaneous items through your investigation. The entry point was through the front glass door as there was a brick inside the storefront with shards of glass on the ground. There was no video surveillance available, but cartons of cigarettes were found leading up to the suspect, who kept falling and dropping items as he fled. Questioning the suspect, he did not speak much other than saying he was on his way home. His nonverbal communication (looking down at the ground, shaking in his voice, paralinguistic, standing at a personal distance, facial expressions) led to suspicion that he was untruthful. He was arrested that night and charged with burglary and larceny. He is contesting his involvement in the theft and declaring that he was never there.
In lieu of showing up to court due to personal reasons, you must send a sworn written statement to the court addressing what happened and what your observations were.
Complete the arrest report template.
The arrest report will be concise and to the point regarding what led to probable cause.
After completing the arrest report, complete a sworn written statement attesting to your observations (roughly two pages in length). This sworn letter to the court include the following:
• What you saw when you arrived
• What the suspect said or did
• Items found in the area
• What you found inside the store
• What led you to believe the suspect was guilty of the crime and the probable
cause that led to the arrest?

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