Short Story Essay

INSTRUCTIONS: Write an essay of 500-600 words on the use of ONE fiction element (plot; character; setting; point of view; tone and style; and symbol) within short story “The Story of an Hour”. 
This is not a book report. Don’t retell the story and don’t provide a definition of the literary device; assume that the reader already knows both. Describe how the literary device is used in the story based on the terms and description the course resources for fiction and short story provide related to a particular literary device.



This is not a researched paper; this is your own analysis. You are not to use any sources other than the resources provided in this course. Choose a theme for your chosen story, and then explain how a literary device is used in the story to support that theme. Watch the video provided below for a better understanding of theme. Use the identifying terms discussed in the course materials for each element. For example, when discussing setting, relate the setting of the story to the significance of the time and place. When discussing character, explain why a character is round and complex, or flat and static, or stereotypical, or stock, and so on. Then, explain how these characterizations promote meaning in the story. Cite examples from the story in support of your argument using proper MLA format (parenthetical references for direct quotations, as well as parenthetical references for paraphrases of content). 

NOTE: A thesis is your statement about what your essay is about. Please review the content below on Creating an Effective Thesis. Also, be on the lookout for the upcoming Announcement on “Creating a Logically Organized Essay.” 
No more than 20 percent of any of your essays (or research paper) should be quotes. 

As stated in the syllabus: This essay and your research paper will follow MLA formatting guidelines. You will include a Work Cited page showing a citation for the short story provided in this course that you are discussing. Use a 10 pt. or 12 pt. font in a standard font such as Times, Helvetica, or Arial. 

Writing Style to be used in the assigned papers in this course: 
Do not announce your subject in your paper (e.g., This paper will be about . . . or similar statements).
All writing should be in the third person, avoiding pronouns such as I, me, we, or you.  Subject-verb contractions, such as hes and theyre, should also be avoided, rather using he is, or he has, and they are. This also eliminates other possible grammatical errors, such as their for theyre. 

When discussing a work of literature, use the present tense; for example, In A & P, Sammy uses the opportunity created by Lengels treatment of the girls as a means to escape his boring life and future, and he quits.Also, do the same when referring to the author. For example, Shakespeare often manipulates syntax to maintain the iambic pentameter meter. For more detail on using tense, see the article below. Please review the resource below on using tense in a literary analysis.