Sidney Poitier

You are going to select THREE of the THF 125 “What Poitier Means” videos.  Here is a link to the google folder with the videos: (Links to an external site.)
Pick three videos that you find interesting, compelling, original, etc.  They might all be similar, they might be very different.
Then, considering your three videos as a “set,” write an introduction/abstract of 150-200 words that highlights why you think these videos are interesting.  Think of this as an exhibit / museum piece, and you are writing the plaque on the wall that is next to a video screen showing your three videos.  
Be sure that you indicate exactly which three projects you are writing about!  I suggest using the student’s name as well, since the titles are similar.  
Example (partial):  “’The Legacy of Poitier’ by Kristina Lopez uses the voice of Poitier accepting his lifetime achievement award juxtaposed with images from his life to illustrate the power of perseverance and integrity.  Marcus Brown’s ‘Poitier and Me’ uses the same speech, but here it is played alongside images from Brown’s own family to directly connect the legacy of Poitier into the student’s own life experience.”