SMGT 520 – Applied Research Report Assignment

Applied Research Report Assignment Instructions
The Non-Thesis student who plans to take an internship and not write a Thesis as part of our program, must complete the Applied Research Report Assignment and the Applied Research Presentation Assignment. Student desiring to learn a great deal pertaining to their selected research topic but intend not to conduct any original research in the form of a Thesis will write in a more pragmatic, practical, and applied manner. Students desiring to advance application of research and seek upward mobility in their current or future position in the Sport Profession often recognize additional competencies and knowledge with pragmatic application are essential. What better way to learn how to best apply practical research is to write about the practical applications of their research as it pertains to their career advancement.
Utilizing the ideas you expressed in the first two Discussions, you will write a 10–15-page paper on a sport or recreation management topic of interest and relate it to ideas such as how you might go about practitioner research and professional development, the application of research in the workplace, knowledge transfer, integrating research skills to solve pragmatic problems, etc. In the development of this paper, you are encouraged to envision what kind of internship placement and/or career you desire and consider disciplinary connections from this (and other) course(s) to the internship site as a place of experiential learning. You must follow current APA format and include the following elements:
1. Title page with a running head
2. Abstract and keywords
3. Body
a. Introduction 
b. Discussion of key terms
c. Application and future integration
d. Summary/Conclusion
e. Reference list 
As you complete this assignment, please consult your textbook and review the Applied Research Report Grading Rubric for further details.