Social deviance

Analysis Instructions: 
At the end of of each section of the course, you will complete a mini Sociological Analysis of the concepts covered by examining the scholarly articles included in each chapter of the textbook. You can find these articles at the very end of the chapters following the key words.
For this analysis we will focus on simply reading and interpreting the content of any one of the journal articles in Chapters 1-4 of your choice. If you are having trouble selecting an article, please feel free to message me. Once you have chosen and evaluated your article, please submit a brief essay (about 700-1000 words) discussing each of the following:

The thesis or main idea of the article
The research question(s) and/or hypothesis
The important findings of prior literature related to the study (literature review in the article)
What research methods are used and whether this is a qualitative study or a quantitative study
The results of the study and how they are presented
Whether you believe that the authors provided a persuasive argument and why or why not
What the article adds to your knowledge of the subject
The implications for public policy (or social change) concerning deviance that can be derived from this article
Any other important conclusions you believe should be considered when evaluating this article within the study of deviance

Remember to include the title and author(s) of the article you are examining and to properly cite any references including paraphrasing ideas from the authors. Be sure to include bibliographic information at the end of your paper using ASA format  Download ASA format. You may organize your paper into sections with appropriate headings (similar to the format used in journal articles) but please do not submit as a list of questions/answers. Please feel free message me as soon as possible with any questions or concerns you might have! I am more than happy to help but may not be available over the weekend so be sure to reach out early.