Social problem topic: Mental health in places of poverty

For the following assignment:
Below you will find directions for your course research paper. You are expected to find three scholarly sources that discuss a topic related to your social problem. Your papers should be a minimum of 3 pages, a maximum of 5 pages, double spaced. You may use any form of citation style but you are expected to cite in text and to include a reference page with all your sources included at the end of the document.  You may use a formal essay format or a question/answer format for your paper. No title page needed. 
     I. Identify three outside sources that discusses your chosen social problem: 
1.    Summarize key points made in the article/chapter. 
2.    Does your source use data or theory to explain the causes or prevalence of the problem? if so, describe these data and the conclusions made from them.
3.    How do the main points in your course text connect or depart from the key points made in this article/chapter? Does the course text offer any additional insight into the social problem beyond what is stated in your sources? Be specific about which points and cite your evidence! (Think bigger picture ideas about oppression and power).
You will be using your social problem topic to explore a social movement. I would prefer you use a more recent example of activism, but if you draw historically, that is also acceptable. Some of your topics will be easier to connect to a recent social movement (BLM, #metoo), but some of your topics may have a lower profile and will take some digging to report on. Please make sure you include citations for any evidence or claims you make while describing your social movement. 
Please answer ALL of the prompts and cite your sources properly both IN-TEXT and include a reference page (just like in your previous assignment).  
1) Think of one contemporary social movement and answer the following in a short paragraph for each:
a) Describe the social movement, what is this social movement trying to accomplish (i.e. what is the mission of the movement?)
b) How is the movement getting its message out? (protest, social media posts, writing letters to government officials, etc.) give examples of all the ways this social movement is communicating with the public.
c) Who is the intended audience of the movement? (who is the movement trying to encourage to take action?)
d) Think of the political “timing” of the movement. 
-Would this movement have been as successful at another time in history? 
– or, Would it be more successful in the future if certain other changes were made first (if so, explain those changes and why they are important)? 
– Does this movement draw from another social movement’s success or failure?
* If you find that adding links to articles or news items about your social movement helps give more information, please include those along with your response. 

Here are three sources I have previously found: please uses these
“Exploring the Connection between Poverty and Mental Illness.” American Association for the Advancement of Science, 11 Dec. 2020, 
Knifton, Lee, and Greig Inglis. “Poverty and Mental Health: Policy, Practice and Research Implications.” BJPsych Bulletin, Cambridge University Press, Oct. 2020, 

Sohn, Emily. “Can Poverty Lead to Mental Illness?” NPR, NPR, 30 Oct. 2016,