Socialism and Capitalism Assignment

Research Paper:
Socialism and Capitalism Assignment Instructions



the last decade, debate has raged over income inequality, poverty, wealth, and
socialism. Much of this debate has centered on the two competing systems of
socialism and capitalism. Describe some of the facets of this debate, then, using
the paradigm of the two visions of government and what you have learned so far
from For the Least of These, analyze
the various positions and synthesize what you believe to be the most biblical and
most effective approach to easing poverty.



·       At least five
pages, not including the cover page and bibliography.

·       APA style

·       At least five
scholarly sources

·       Acceptable sources
include peer-reviewed journals, law journals, government data, the Bible, and relevant
authoritative books. Other media, such as blog entries or think tank articles,
may be used sparingly.


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