Sociology topic: Mental health in teens

My project is focused on the Mental health decline in teens due to social media and puberty.See below
This is for the second part of the project. Below is my topic and more. Below that is what the assignment is. 
***My topic would be focused on Mental health within teens. Since social media uprising the mental health within teens have declined at such a rapid rate due to cyber bullying and a unrealistic perspective of how they should appear. With this going on there’s more teens depressed or even having suicidal thoughts. To me, the teen years within a life span is the most crucial with how many “changes” your body goes through some different than others causing a teen to feel as if they are not attractive on top of what they see online on how they should be and look like. ****

This is the assignment! **********************************************************
Project Part 2: Create an APA Formatted Annotated Bibliography
Now that you have selected your topic it is time to conduct some research and find some resources to assist with your explaining your selected sociological issue/concept. Research and reviewing literature is imperative to understanding your topic and for Part 2 of the project we will look for resources to support and compose the paper for Part 3.
Utilizing library resources, create an APA formatted annotated bibliography.
You must select Three (3) resources which at least two (2) must be scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles. The other resource can be a format of your choice.
See the Library Website (Links to an external site.) for guidance with searching library resources and scholarly journal articles. You may also visit the library in person and seek help form a librarian for assistance.
Citing_Sources_and_APA_Style.pdf Download Citing_Sources_and_APA_Style.pdf
Exemplary Example: posted soon
The criteria for each resource listed must include the APA formatted citation  for each of your three (3) resources and include the following information per resource:

APA Formatted Citation
One paragraph give an overview of the resource (example below)

Sample APA Annotation (please note, the citation below does not include a hanging indent, which is required for your submission):
Ehrenreich, B. (2001). Nickel and dimed: On (not) getting by in America. New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company.
In this book of nonfiction based on the journalist’s experiential research, Ehrenreich attempts to ascertain whether it is currently possible for an individual to live on a minimum-wage in America. Taking jobs as a waitress, a maid in a cleaning service, and a Walmart sales employee, the author summarizes and reflects on her work, her relationships with fellow workers, and her financial struggles in each situation (Purdue Writing Lab, n.d.).
Guidelines for submission:
This will be written MS Word document, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Citations must include a hanging indent. Each paragraph should be of college level writing, free of grammatical and spelling errors, double spaced, indent first line/sentence. See Milestone Two Exemplary Example in the Module for guidance. Also feel free to reach out to the CF library staff [email protected] 
Upload your completed Milestone Two as a Word or PDF document via Canvas.
Purdue Writing Lab. (n.d.). Annotated Bibliography Samples // Purdue Writing Lab. Retrieved September 22, 2018, from (Links to an external site.)
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