sonnys blues

Character Paper
1000 word minimum. Single-Spaced. Should include everything you did for the central idea paper, along with a discussion of the narrator, Sonny, and two minor characters of your choice (the mother, Sonny’s friend, Isabel etc.). You will need to identify whether each character is static or dynamic and whether they are round or flat.You will need to discuss how the narrator is developed and you will explain how character contributes to the central idea. 
First Paragraph: Identify the author and title and provide a concise summary (4-6 sentences) of the story. End the first paragraph with your central idea statement. Use the phrase “The central idea of “Sonny’s Blues” is……
Second Paragraph: Select and analyze details (short quotes) from the story that support your central idea statement. 
Third Paragraph: Examine the narrator. Is he dynamic or static and flat or round. Examine Sonny. Is he dynamic or static and flat or round. Provide and analyze textual evidence (short quotes) in support of your claims. 
Fourth and Fifth Paragraph: How do events in the past, presented as flashbacks or as the narrator’s recollections, help to develop the narrator in “Sonny’s Blues”?  Consider the narrator’s description of his and Sonny’s childhood, their lives on the Harlem streets, the Sunday dinners at home, the death of their uncle, the narrator’s last conversation with their mother, etc. What do we learn about the narrator from what he chooses to observe and remember and the way describes these moments? Provide textual evidence (short quotes) to support your claims. 
Sixth—How do the minor characters in the story function to help develop the story, the characters of Sonny and his brother?  Select two. (Isabel, Sonny’s childhood friend, their parents, their uncle, the jazz musicians at the Village club). Provide textual evidence (short quotes) to support your claims. 
Conclusion—Explain how elements of character help shape the central idea. 
Please use topic sentences for your body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs should use the terms necessary to tell me the point of each paragraph (terms from central idea for paragraph two, dynamic or static, flat or round, flashbacks and character presentation—direct or indirect, character exposition etc.)
Please use proper MLA header for this paper. Example below