Speculating about Causes Discussion

For the writing assignment Speculating about Causes, read the articles listed in the announcement and the two articles in your text and write an essay regarding: How does Social Media deal with Racism, Classism and Sexism?
Read in the text:
#socialnetworking: Why Its Really So Popular 391
 Have Smart Phones Destroyed a Generation? 332
Read the assigned online readings–twelve of them listed in the announcement..
Each of the readings listed in the Syllabus and the online articles provide examples that support a claim.  Reference the author’s main ideas and sub points and the author’s point of view, which will help you with this essay.  Note the following in the articles:

A thesis statement and a forecast of the main cause or causes
Authors main ideas and sub pointspro and con
Author’s point of view
Your point of view about what the author is saying

Subtopics:  The subtopics you will be focusing on are the following:


Each of the above subtopics will reference examples from at least two different online articles listed in the announcement. Use two different online articles in each paragraph. Use the two articles in the text you were asked to read somewhere in the essay.  Use quotation to support the examples you choose from the articles.  In addition, the pros and cons on the topic of the use of Racism, Classism, and Sexism in social media are required.  Write a four-page essay using the subtopics  listed above.    For each of the articles mention the author’s main point and sub points, the author’s point of view  and your point of view of what the author is saying.  The articles will give the positive and and negative points of social media use of Racism, Classism and Sexism.  Your point of view will be present in the essay.  For example, what is your point of view about the use of Racism, Classism and Sexism in social media?
Post your essay in the Writing Assignment tab.SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLINE (apply the following to the essay also)
Thesis statement
3 body paragraphs dealing with subtopics: Racism, Classism, Sexism
Body Paragraphs
                Topic sentence
                Pros and Cons
                Two different online articles for each paragraphs:
                                Author, title
                                Authors main idea, sub points
                                Authors POV, your POV of the authors POV
                                Quotations for each source
Citations and Works Cited
Remember to use the two articles in our text somewhere in the outline (and the essay)
Remember to use transitions, check grammar and punctuation, capitals/lower case