Stereotypes vs. Prejudices and how the differentiate

This assignment is the second in our Research Projectseries. It provides an opportunity for you to begin digging deeper into thetopic you identified in the Topic Development Worksheet assignment by writing abrief review of each article. As you work through this process you will learnto read and critically examine scholarly literature, and you will formulate andexpress ideas in an efficient, scholarly manner. These are skills that willserve you well in this course and in the future.
For thisassignment, you will:
1.    Criticallyexamine your area of interest by digging into the research articles identifiedin the Topic Development Worksheet assignment. Note: if your instructorindicated that an article did not meet the assignment criteria it/they shouldbe replaced with an article that does meet the criteria. Please contact yourinstructor if you need assistance with article selection.
2.    Writea brief review (250 – 350 words) of each article approved by the instructor inthe Topic Development assignment. Writing in a scholarly voice (do not usefirst person perspective), use at least 1-2 sentences to identify/include eachof the following:
a.    Purposestatement
b.    Hypothesis
c.    Briefdescription of methods (participants and procedure)
d.    Results
e.    Onestrength
f.     Oneweakness
g.    Anexplanation of how the findings support the thesis statement you created in theTopic Development assignment.
3.    Yoursubmission for this assignment will include the following:
a.    Titlepage (formatted according to APA student standards).
b.    Anintroduction that:
  identifies yourtopic,
  explains why it isimportant, and
  incorporates yourthesis statement
c.    Fivereviews (250-350 words each) each introduced with an APA-formatted level-oneheading.
d.    Referencepage with all five sources listed following current APA guidelines.
4.    Thisassignment will implement current APA formatting throughout.
5.    Yourassignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.