Choose one of the topics below about one of the short stories we have discussed in class. 

Discuss and explain the symbolism of the suffering child in LeGuin’s “The Ones That Walk Away From Omelas

SECONDARY SOURCES: Use the secondary sources from the unit of your chosen story and the class Discussion board to help you write a close analysis of what the story in terms of a symbol, theme or issue the writer used. THIS IS THE LINK FOR THE SECONDARY SOURCES
ANALYSIS: Show your understanding of the story and the theme by choosing specific scenes and quotes to explain. 
SUPPORT: Use the analysis of the scholars in the secondary sources as evidence that your ideas about the story are true. Choose quotes from their articles and video to include in your paper
Follow MLA guidelines, including in-text citations of (writer’s name & page #), and the last page as a Works Cited 
paper should be 4 pages long, INCLUDING:
Introduction: containing a description of the writer, short story and symbol, theme or issue that s/he uses.
Body: containing no less than 3 paragraphs. Describe and explain the story in detail. Use select quotes from the story to show how it uses the theme or explores the issue. 
Conclusion: In which you explain why looking at this specific theme or issue helps us understand the story’s meaning.