Study the items that are visible to a visitor in your room or home

Study the items that are visible to a visitor in your room or home, and then write an analysis of the messages those packages might send to a visitor.  What kinds of signals do your belongings send? What kind of identity do they construct?

Please keep in mind that the focus of the paper is on the messages sent by your objects and not how you FEEL about your belongings. A good way to approach this topic might be to walk around your room or house and pretend that you are an outside observer.
Take notes.  What kinds of objects seem to stand out to you?  Can you get a good sense of the person based on the objects that you notice?  And dont forget that you want to establish, really early on, some kind of definitive identity.  For example, in your thesis statement you could say something like:   After a careful examination of the objects in my room/house it becomes clear that I am a person who (FILL IN THE BLANK).  You will then use three or four main examples to support your point.   Each of those main points will become a paragraph.    So in short, be sure to ANALYZE your stuff and avoid all material that tells us how much you love your stuff.   We need to see what your stuff says about youthink like a semiotician!
Your essay should have a clear thesis statement, support for that thesis, well-written paragraphs, clear transitional sentences between paragraphs, correct grammar and punctuation, and a strong conclusion.  Keep in mind that the grading standards for English composition I include attention to mechanics and grammar, expression and usage, unity, organization and content.