Submit the SPSS database that contains your program evaluation variables.

Based on your review of the articles assigned thus far,May 13, 2022What is an environmental scan and why is it important?May 13, 2022

 Submit the SPSS database that contains your program evaluation variables. No data should be entered at this stage; you are only setting up the variables at this time.Your database should contain the following variables:

Participant ID number
Program ID
Group (applicable only if you will be comparing two or more groups for a single program, such as a treatment group and a control group)
Demographic variables (such as age, sex, and any other demographic variables that are important for your population). 
Assessment instrument items for one entire instrument (pre and post).
Assessment instrument totals for remaining assessment instruments (pre and post).

Be sure that the variables are labeled in a manner that makes sense and that will allow you to identify them as you analyze the data. Each variable should be completely defined and labeled appropriately in the Variable View screen in SPSS. Be sure to select the appropriate measurement scale for each variable.Also attach the instruments that are being used for each program. If you are not able to obtain an actual instrument, provide a description of the instrument that explains the items, measurement scale, and scoring instructions. Provide a full reference for each instrument used in each of the two programs. 

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