Do our families and the people outside our families who choose to mentor or help us mean more or less than the work we put into our developing our own success?

A successful paper will…

Be an obvious attempt to follow the assignment;
Have a thesis statement at the end of the introduction;
Have an organization that is logical and easy to follow, making serious use of the “they say, I say” design and relevant templates;
Have a well-developed (as in detailed and specific) discussion, including thorough descriptions and explanations of Gladwell’s ideas in all the body paragraphs;
Have paragraphs with organizations that are logical and easy to follow (including topic and concluding sentences and transitions within and between paragraphs that indicate logical relations between your ideas);
Have sentences that are grammatically complete, logical and easy to follow; and 
Have a minimum number of surface feature errors—correct use of periods and question marks, correct spelling, absence of typographical errors, etc., including no use of any form of the pronoun “you.”