i will post everything, and plz read the requirement clearly below. And i will provide how this paper should look like. And i will give you two source, no other sources is needed. one is pdf, one is text book chapter 1. the book is super lone we will discuss about it before you start the order, thank you

Submit your weekly bibliography here by using the provided template as a guide. Every “entry” (i.e., reading; two readings every week except for week 9) in your bibliography assignment will have two parts: (1) an APA-style reference to the reading at the top of the page and (2) a summary of the reading–entirely in your own words–that may fill the rest of the double-spaced page. So, in this week’s assignment, you’ll have a first page that begins with a reference for the textbook chapter, followed by a summary to the end of the first page. Then, you’ll have a second page that begins with a reference for the PDF article, followed by a summary of it to the end of the second page. You may not write beyond the end of one page, which is your limit for each readingl.
You included both readings for the week.
In total, there are 3 or fewer obvious, unique errors in APA style in your references.
You have summarized many of the main points for your readings this week. It’s clear to us that you engaged with them and are prepared to discuss the weekly topic.
Your Turnitin match for this assignment was below the 25% threshold where we look at assignments very closely. (show me the prove)