Supportive statement Vaccinations need to be mandatory for children.

Week 5 Supportive statement Vaccinations need to bemandatory for children.
This is for a video that should be 4 to 5 minutes long so Iam guessing 4 pages will be enough to address the topic and viewpoint you wereassigned.
You may not be personally in support or opposition of the topic;however, it is your job to convince your peers of your position. Includeevidence that supports the viewpoint
Include anintroduction to the issue, yourstance, the rationale for thestance, the ethicalprinciples involved, theoriesand evidence supporting your position, and your proposed resolution.
 Review the rubric inthis forum for complete grading criteria.
1.     There is aclear description of the ethical issue including a proposed resolution. Theissue topic is a current issue of debate and related to health care. The issuehas a clearly defined dilemma with more than one resolution. Ethical principlesand theories involved with the ethical issue are clearly identified andexplained.
2.     Supportingargument is well developed either for or against the issue. Factors supportingthe stance are well identified. Ethical principles and theories involved withthe ethical issue are clearly identified and explained and in alignment withthe viewpoint.
3.     Rebuttalto classmate’s post is complete and includes key points including stakeholders,essential factors, and important facts supporting the resolution. The rebuttalreflected an atmosphere of mutual respect. Policy drivers and ethicalprinciples involved are clearly identified and explained in support oropposition of the resolution.