Survey Instrument

Develop a short survey instrument for a personalinterview, telephone interview or self-administered questionnaire for thecollection of data on a question of your choice.  The written report should include a statementof the problem, the objectives of the questions and hypotheses (if any).Identify the sample or population. List the questions in the order and in thestyle that they would be asked of the respondent. Ask a question that creates nominal data, ordinal data, interval dataand an open-ended qualitative question. Add some demographic questions. Apply questionsthat demonstrate different scaling techniques.
1.    an opening statement,
2.    an opening closed-ended question dichotomous,
3.    some demographic questions,
4.    one filter or contingencyquestion,
5.    one Lickert scale with at least fourquestions,
6.    one Semantic Differential Scale:involving 4 questions,
7.    one Guttman Scale,
8.    one open-ended question,
9.    a closing statement.
Length of Assignment: approximately 5 pages,typed and double-spaced, 12pt.