Teacher interview Report

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Teacher Interview AssignmentEDU PSY 250 

Directions: For this assignment, you will interview a teacher about educationalbeliefs and classroom practices. Then, you will compile a written reportcontaining the teachers responses and your reflective thoughts about thisteachers feedback and experience.Begin your written report with a brief description of the teachers position, i.e.location, grade level, content area, years of experience and any other pertinentprofessional details that the teacher shares with you.In the middle of your written report, share how your teacher contact answeredthe following questions. Please note that you may create 1 question OR MORE toask of the teacher. 

QUESTIONS TO ASK:1. What are your classroom priorities?2. Which teaching approaches do you use most frequently?3. When do you feel successful about your teaching accomplishments?4. What problems have you encountered in the classroom recently?5. What is the most important advice you have for new teachers?6. How do you include learners with special needs in your classes?7. What professional development topic are you currently studyingand how are you incorporating that into your instruction?8. How do get to know each individual student? How do you maintainrapport with the entire class?9. Describe how you collaborate with your colleagues in this school.10. CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE QUESTION.11. Is there anything I havent asked you that is important for me toknow about teaching? 

To end your report, consider all that your teacher said in the interview.Does this teacher seem to enjoy teaching? Is there evidence of a passionfor learning? How will you apply this teachers experience to your interestin becoming a teacher? What influence does this have on you as a teachercandidate? What else do you need to consider as you continue along thiscareer path?