Teaching as a Profession Essay

Teaching as a Profession  
 Is the field of teaching a professional job (is it a profession)?
1. List and describe the 9 key elements that make any job a profession, and discuss if each are true of teaching .Refer to our Slides and Jamboard from class, and the additional resources listed on the slides for an explanation of the 9 elements of a profession (include all 9 in your essay). 
2. Describe each element in detail,using at least 2 or 3 sentences for each one.   
3. Personalize this essay- which elements do you feel are very true or less true in teaching?  Why? What is important to you? Are there elements you feel should change in teaching? If so, in what ways?  How could those changes be made in teaching? 
4.  Include an introduction and conclusion, and make sure to use proper citations.

Below I will be attaching the rubric for the essay, and various links to powerpoints and websites that contain all the needed material for the essay.