Technological Change

Prepare a 2-page paper on the topic. Cite references to material that you use in preparing the essay.

If the technological change increases structural unemployment, why do most governments and economists encourage such change?  

Be sure to cover at least three of the following concepts:

Definition of technological change
Definition of structural unemployment
Impact of technological change on employment
Impact of technological change on future production
Impact of technological change on the economy

Include a discussion of the following topics:

How does an economy recover from structural unemployment?
What government actions help to facilitate this recovery?

Be sure to include one example.
Ensure you have presented your assignment in a logical format, that has an introduction paragraph, the body (one or more paragraphs), and a concluding paragraph.  Also, ensure that you have the appropriate formatting to avoid plagiarism and the appropriate grammar (this may be achieved by using free tools available on the Internet). 

If applicable, be sure to cite any resources, including textbooks, you use to support the essay.