the methodology section of my doctoral dissertation

Dissertation topic: Narrative therapy and school counselor working with disabled students

I attached my chapter 3 that has my editor’s notes in it. Chapter 1 is attached, but it’s only attached for a reference to explain what this is all about. I ONLY need help with chapter 3. I also attached my dissertation handbook. The methodology section starts on the bottom of page 49. My editor’s notes in chapter 3 direct you to the page numbers in the handbook and what is needed.
This is the point of my study: I am researching the lived experiences of one school counselor using narrative therapy to help students with intellectual disabilities. It’s an IPA study. I will have NO CONTACT with the students whatsoever. It’s my interpretation of the counselor working with students using narrative therapy. I will do a series of interviews (not sure how many) and keep a diary of it. Then I will look through all of my notes, interviews, & diary; then come to a conclusion based on just how helpful or not helpful narrative therapy is on this population through the lived experience of the school counselor alone. (more information is chapter one obviously).