The muslims are coming video documentary

Choose a brief, specific portion of The Muslims are Coming and write a 3-page analysis of how the comedy functions. Why is it funny (or not)? What assumptions or expectations does the comedian rely on? How do they challenge those? Who is the intended audience? What is the outcome or impact of the piece? Draw attention to specific language choices, gestures, and even pauses or absences. 
In your analysis, engage with terms from Critchley’s On Humour such as types of humor (superiority, relief, incongruity, reactionary), sensus communus, parochialism and “aneasthesia of the heart.” You may also choose to engage with the article by Fadi Hirzalla and Liesbet van Zoonen. Cite these sources parenthetically. A “Works Cited” page is not required unless you do additional research.
Writing an analysis is more formal than writing a reflection or response paper. You need not entirely avoid “I,” but try to be precise in your language and avoid colloquialisms such as “kind of,” “really,” and “way out there.”