The novel Sophie’s World attempts to combine the elements of a mystery novel wit

The novel Sophie’s World attempts to combine the elements of a mystery novel with the history of Philosophy (you might consider why these two genres are integrated). Readers are continually moving from fact to fantasy and back to fact, wondering about the divide between fact and fiction. I would like you to begin your college journey by practicing the art of philosophy and considering a relevant question present in society today that needs to be addressed from a philosophical point of view. I would like you to choose a specific problem in our society that you will examine from a philosophical point of view. In other words, what, in your opinion, is one of the most relevant concerns facing society that will have to be dealt with in the twenty-first century? Consider personal issues (individual issues) as well as cultural, societal, or global issues. You will need to define and describe the issue and the relevant concerns in the context in which they appear. (Much of this will be in your introduction). For example, you will need to cite and describe your initial concern, the scope of the problem, who and what it affects, who should consider it, and how it might be considered.) From the chapter “Our Own Time” forward, issues of today are addressed. Who should be considering the problem, and how should we go about doing so? Research: Gather information about your question from non-biased sources so that you can supply a context for the problem. At least, stay away from extremely biased sources. As you know, some sources are more biased than others. Choose one philosopher to help you consider, discuss, and analyze the problem. Which philosopher do you think would be most interesting and helpful as you go about exploring your question? You will use their insight and perspective to help you explore the question.