The outline – School Core

The general purpose of this speech is to inform.
As you develop your specific purpose, your mission is to explain a significant aspect of a culture that is different from your own. You will turn in a worksheet/assignment that lists your specific purpose, your topic, and your central idea as your first step. You will need to sufficiently narrow your topic, and adjust your purpose so that the speech is 5 minutes in length.
Possible topics include social customs, family traditions, holidays, clothing, food, religious traditions, sporting activities, and the like.
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You will turn in a preparation outline, but the speech itself should be delivered extemporaneously from a brief speaking outline.
Research is required for this speech.
If you have had direct contact with a different culture, you may supplement your library research with personal experience, but the speech is not to be a travelogue or a presentation on “My Summer in Europe” or “My Year as an Exchange Student in Brazil.”
On the other hand, a speech on how Europeans spend their summer vacations or on the educational system of Brazil would be appropriate. Please bring your imagination as you compose your speech. It is not enough to summarize basic information from an encyclopedia or the Internet about the country on which you are speaking.
As in any informative speech, you need to explain ideas clearly and to think about ways to relate the topic to the audience.
The outline
Bollywood is the world’s largest film factory, but despite its name, Bollywood isn’t just Indian Hollywood. It’s something a lot more than that. I would like to thank my coworker for introducing me to it, otherwise, I never would have been made aware of the vast scale of the Indian movie-making industry. I want to pass on information that I have learned and to tell you some of the major differences between Hollywood and Bollywood. These include the themes, cultural differences, and the famous musical numbers.
The themes in Bollywood differ from Hollywood, and vice versa.
Indian audiences tend to want films that “resonate” with them (Ganti)
Different Social Norms (Ganti)
Hollywood movies can difficult to adapt to Indian audiences
Concept of the “hero”
Musical numbers are one of the most iconic parts about India
Appeal to Indian diaspora (Bhattachrjya)

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