The recipient will feel that you are responding to their unique complaint rather than merely receiving a generic reply.

Please remember to use a professional tone and to write in easily understood language. Shorter sentences, with 16 -18 words in each sentence, are easier for the reader to follow. Try to write paragraphs with a minimum of two sentences and a maximum of four sentences so that the reader is not bombarded with dense text. Always skip a line between paragraphs. Also, shorter paragraphs allow the reader to follow your points. When you write, please consider the immediate purpose which is to convey an apology with a solution. Also consider the underlying purpose, to maintain your relationship with the writer.
When you compose your reply, please include specific facts and details that were in the complaint. When you include the specific facts and details, your letter will be more personal. The recipient will feel that you are responding to their unique complaint rather than merely receiving a generic reply.
This is the Prompt:
Ms. Christine Glare
Bloomingdale’s Home Store
600 N. Wabash
Chicago Ilinois 60611
Dear Ms. Glare:
Today I am writing to request a partial refund of the upholstery cleaning my husband and I had performed on August 17, 2022 (invoice #245645). We paid $1069.16 and would like to be refunded $534.58, or 50%. The cleaning that was performed was not thoroughly completed. Bloomingdale’s offered this new service and we mistakenly thought it was a great opportunity to have our upholstery cleaned.
The cleaning was performed on three couches, one chair, and one chaise. Our two main reasons for having cleaning done were to rid our home of pet odor and to clean up dust from our recent textured ceiling removal. In our order we requested both deodorizing and cleaning. We wanted the cleaning to take care of the pet odor and to remove the remaining dust. While we are satisfied with the deodorizing, we are dissatisfied with the cleaning.
As can be seen in the attached pictures, there were many areas of the furniture that were not thoroughly cleaned. Per the confirmation email I received prior to the cleaning, my husband and I removed all “pillows and throws from the furniture to be cleaned.
In addition, one particularly troubling omission was that the couch was skipped over in the cleaning process. There was clear, visible dust and pet hair on the couch after the cleaning was complete (see attached pictures). This omission did not even require moving the couch. Bloomingdale’s was to clean the couch and its cushions after lifting them out of the furniture. The cleaning crew ignored the couch.
Most importantly, one of your associates, Kyle Jones, took our order. We went to the store, in person, to place the order. Mr. Jones proceeded to type up our order. We WAITED for 46.5 minutes while Mr. Jones typed the order. He still had not completed the order by the time we had to leave the store. We had a parking spot for two hours and had to leave due to our parking spot expiring. Mr. Jones claimed that the order took a long time to type due to the three separate types of upholstered furniture. However, when I received a copy of the order, there was merely a box to be filled in with the quantity and type of furniture. Mr. Jones certainly lacks executive function skills. Also, Mr. Jones billed us not only for the cleaning, but billed us twice. I am attaching a picture of the credit card statement.
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone: We will post our thoughts on Yelp if we do not receive a satisfactory reply.
Margaret Maley

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