The single story draft on short story

After having read , please write a full 2-page 1st draft  in proper  in which you make an argument for the following question: Do you agree or disagree that the “Single Story” Adichie examines, creates stereotypes, and do these have an effect on an individual’s identity?
In your draft you are to use 2 pieces of textual evidence (quotes or paraphrases from the story). Also, include a Work Cited page.
In order to make an effective argument, you must first understand what the author means by “A Single Story.” Please do this by analyzing and annotating the reading. Also, pls remember, you are not simply answering the question, rather you are making an argument (thesis statement) based on the position that you are taking.

Tip: Remember, this essay is not asking for a summary of the what you have read, but rather you are to provide an analysis and argument in order to explore the issues of Identity and Racial Stereotypes.
Learning Outcome: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to analyze and make an argument that moves away from summarizing the text. It also demonstrates your ability to interject your voice into your writing. 
I just need a first draft to turn in please.