The Supervision Contract Letter to the Supervisor

Supervision Contract Assignment

This exercise is to
help you consider the supervisory experience within the context of the SCO284
Level I Fieldwork utilizing Simucase and the SCO284 OT Clerkship for
Psychosocial & Geriatrics Conditions seminar.


Supervision is an
educational process.  In fieldwork
education the ultimate goal of supervision is to help you, the student, in
developing a professional identity, which will facilitate your ability to
function in the professional role of a COTA. Supervision serves as a bridge
between previously learned knowledge and skills and ongoing hands on

Supervision involves
a relationship between two people.  This
assignment will require active participation of both you and your clinical
supervisor. A supervisory contract is usually set up at the beginning of a new
supervisory experience.  A supervisory
contract is an agreement, which is made between the supervisor (clinical
educator) and the student (supervisee). Stated in this contract should be what
each expects from the other and for what each is responsible.



The Supervision Contract – Letter to the Supervisor (10


Consider that your
Level I fieldwork experience will be through the use of Simucase with simulated
cases and virtual client experiences. The SCO284 seminar instructor and other
OTA Program faculty will be your clinical educators/supervisors.


Write a letter
to your Level I Fieldwork supervisor to establish the Supervision Contract. Include the following: (you have to include each point)


·       A short introduction of yourself

·       Your learning style and learning needs

·       Your supervision needs

·       Your expectations for supervision

·       Your goals for supervision

·       The personal qualities or attributes that you
will bring to the supervision process

commitment to your role in the supervision process

Remember to use
professional language and to proof read carefully for grammar, punctuation and