This is a graded assignment. Each question is worth 10 points and must be corre

This is a graded assignment. Each question is worth 10 points and must be correctly answered (elaborate on statement if needed for greater clarity) to receive credit. You MUST cite what specific source used to locate your response to the following questions on a works cited (proper format, not just links).
In order to answer the following questions, you need to research the answers. Do not copy any information (even direct statements from the US Constitution or other documents). Students may paraphrase or summarize, but not copy direct statements/information
1. Under the original (no amendments) US Constitution, which individuals were originally interpreted to be allowed to vote? (Be specific.)
2. The laws regarding the registration process vary depending on which state you live, but US Citizens are required to register to vote in every state, except ________ (list the state).
3. Which individuals are not allowed to vote in the state of Texas? What are the requirements to vote in the state of Texas?
4. In your opinion and in your own words, what do you believe is the most important barrier to voting for US citizens? (Elaboration needed for greater clarity and full points.)
5. What is the term for voting that does not happen in person on Election Day at a specific location, but instead occurs by other methods, such as by mail?
6. What is the process called by which new congressional and state legislative district boundaries are drawn or redrawn? Which specific federal elected officials are impacted by legislative districts?
7. How many US House Representatives does Texas currently have? What is the practice of drawing/redrawing electoral district lines to favor one political party, candidate, group or constituency over another called?
8. In your own words, what is the difference between racial gerrymandering and partisan gerrymandering? Provide an example of each. Do NOT copy any information.
9. List the specific groups which the following US Constitutional Amendments extended the right to vote:
Fifteenth –
Nineteenth –
Twenty-third –
Twenty-fourth –
Twenty-sixth –
10. What is at least 1 benefit of the Electoral College, in your own words with elaboration? What is at least 1 benefit of a direct popular vote method for selecting the US President, in your own words with elaboration? Which method do you believe is a better method of selecting the president in our representative democracy? Why?
You must document where you found the answers for graded assignments. For example, (Article I, Section 8…) and U.S.
Constitution | U.S. Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute. Accessed 5 Dec. 2021.

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