This project will consist to select a topic and develop

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 This project will consist to select a topic and develop a research paper and a powerpoint about the topic selected. The two parts need to be connected.
It is a mostly free topic. You may choose whatever you would like to talk about, keep it fun. The exceptions are as follows:

Family Pets
No previously done projects from previous and/or present courses.
No projects about the country which you are from.
No projects where you have to list things like the 7 wonders of the world.

Keep the assignment fun and light. Something of interest, a hobby, favorite place, favorite pastime, technology, etc.
 Be specific on a topic. 
Research Paper 

Follow the Research Paper MLA Style
 2 pages plus a page for the references
Minimum 2 references


5 slides
Include pictures
No slides with only pictures or only texts
Use 4 slides of information and slide 5 is for the references
Use the information of the Research Paper to do the presentation

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