Thought Piece: Cross Cultural Studies Theories of Cultural Diversity (Wk 7)

Thought pieces:  You will write three thought pieces on weeks of your choosing that summarize the course reading material.  You are to submit these prior to class to serve as a springboard for class discussion.  In other words, thought pieces must be uploaded in Blackboard on Wednesdays before 7pm.  Please upload in Blackboard and bring a hard copy to class for yourself and for me.  You may use this as a starting point from which to contribute to class discussion.  Turn in three over the course of the semester on weeks of your choosing.  They should be 4-5 typewritten pages responding to the class readings on the week in question.  You should comment on some combination of the readings (at least two to three of the articles/chapters from a given week), and reflect on what the different readings say about a given subject.  In some cases, readings are highly complementary, in other cases various readings will provide a wide-ranging picture on a certain theme.  You should provide quotes accompanied by citations when appropriate, an understanding of terminology as presented in the reading, and some of your own analysis.  It is inappropriate to include exclusively personal stories, as the purpose of this exercise is a mini-essay test, providing evidence that you have both read the material and thought it through analytically.  Go beyond “liking” or “disliking” reading material, and instead try to understand the goals of each author, and the importance of the selected materials for a given week when related to each other.  When put together or read at the same time, what do the readings tell us or lead us to conclude?  Look for the alchemy between the different readings, and how they spark new ideas when grouped together as they are on the syllabus.  Please refrain from recycling material from your other courses, and focus only on our course materials.  Times New Roman, 12-point font, standard margins. 

The thought piece is to analyze the articles attached: (powerpoints attached are to provide context)

WEEK 7:  October 6:  Jewish Identity and Antisemitism
Takaki: The Exodus from Russia:  Pushed by Pogroms, pp. 262-270.
Dublin:  Rose Gollup:  From Russia to the Lower East Side in the 1890s, pp. 146-172.
Brodkin:  How Jews Became White Folks (Blackboard PDF)
Salamon:  Between Conscious and Subconscious: Depth-to-Depth Communication in the Ethnographic Space, 249-272.  Ethos, Vol. 30, No. 3, Sep., 2002.
Walker:  Black, White and Jewish:  Autobiography of a Shifting Self.  Riverhead Books:  New York.  Intro. through pg. 34