Three Kinds of Unemployment: Frictional, Structural, and Cyclical

Read: Rittenberg, L. and Tregarthen, T. (2012). Macroeconomics Principles V. 2.0. Licensed under Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 (
– Chapter 16: Inflation and Unemployment (
– Chapter 18: Inequality, Poverty, and Discrimination (

The chapter outlines three kinds of unemployment: Frictional, Structural, and Cyclical. The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes a fourth kind, seasonal unemployment, as: The seasonal fluctuations in the number of employed and unemployed people reflect not only the normal seasonal weather patterns that tend to be repeated year after year but also the hiring (and layoff) patterns that accompany regular events such as the winter holiday season and the summer vacation season. Of the four, structural unemployment is the most challenging for people.

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Provide an example of each kind of unemployment you have either experienced or witnessed. 
Consider what you might personally do to avoid structural unemployment in your own career.

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