Turo applications of technology and its affect on the car rental industry

Midterm Outline
Turo technology impact on Car Rentals
Turo is an app that allows people hosts to rent out their own cars when they are not using them. Turo argues that its prices are cheaper than rental cars companies. Its the perfect side hustle on one side and a perfect way to get a cheaper ride on the other side. Turo charges guests for renting on the platform and charges the hosts for listing on the platform. The hosts also pick insurance plans that protect them from liability.
One of the big differences is that you can choose which car you pick on Turo while with rental companies you go by size (sedan, convertible). Since you are also dealing with the owner of the car/remote starting options, the circumstances are different. Turo claims its able to cut costs and is 30% cheaper than its competitors.
–       How do the two industries differ?
–       How is peer to peer renting and car rentals different?
–       Are Turo hosts able to be rental companies without any of the laws?
–       Have Car Rental Companies been losing business?