Type a 3 page paper.

In a 3–page paper, using APA format, review and critique a scholarly journal article. Include proper citation for your selection. Articles can be found in professional periodicals or in criminal justice journals. The latter may include, but are not limited to:
Peer-reviewed journals:

Police Quarterly
Police Practice and Research
Law Enforcement Executive Forum
Justice Quarterly
Public Administration Review

There are other related journals that you can select from, provided they serve public policy, criminal justice, policing, victim advocacy, or corrections.
To complete this Assignment:

Find one article from a juried journal that is relevant to your experience and interests, and develop a short critical analysis of the piece.
Consider the author’s approach to the issue, the format of the article, the point of view.
Has the author left out important material? If so, describe.
If applicable, describe additional relevant facts or points of view that you believe the author failed to consider.
Pose at least two unresolved questions after reviewing your article.