• use of subheadings (sections) is optional.

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General Requirements for Company Case Position Papers
Format Requirements
• The company case position papers must be prepared as a MS Word document and submitted via Canvas.
• Narrative/paragraph format must be used. Do not use bullet points or a table.
• Use of subheadings (sections) is optional.
• Apply and incorporate relevant theories/concepts covered in the textbook, lecture slides, and other course materials.
• Place emphasis on the most pertinent facts and relevant information. General definitions or generic statements should be avoided.
• Provide supporting evidence from the case when making assessments of multiple aspects of the company’s internal and external environments.
• Identify which problems and/or opportunities are being addressed by each recommended strategic action.
• Summarize your analyses in no more than three pages. • Proofread! Excessive grammatical errors will lower your grade!
Content Requirements
External Assessment 15 points
General Environment
Discuss at least 2 segments of the general environment that are especially relevant to this industry. Provide evidence from the case to support your description of each segment listed. Assess whether the factors pertaining to the segments highlighted represent opportunities or threats for the focal company.
Industry Environment
Discuss at least 2 elements of the industry structure (Porter’s Five Forces Model) that are especially important to your understanding drivers of industry performance. Provide evidence from the case to support your assessment of each force listed. Also, assess the overall attractiveness of the company’s primary industry.

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