Video Analyzation to Introduce Recruiting Videos to Potential Business’ IT and High End Dresswear

Dear tutor,
I desperately need asistance with the following and it’s due by 10 p.m.!

Analyze some of the recruitment videos from the links below, and find one example recruitment video for Dress4Success and one example recruitment video for Tech-IT that depict the culture that would best apply to these companies.

8 Great Recruiting Video Examples and What We Can Learn From Them

Create two memos (at least 300 words each), one directed to Dress4Success and one directed to Tech-IT.
Identify the recruitment video you chose that is an example of their company’s culture by including the link to it.
Discuss the importance of organizational culture, (use the text materials).
In your memo, explain to each company why you would recommend our company create this type of recruitment video for them to use to showcase their company’s culture. (For example, if the client published children’s books, a good example of a recruitment video would be one showing a creative, fun and playful culture. You would choose a more serious culture if the client published books on politics).